Staffer is a volunteer for BronyCon whose obligations to the convention are not kept to the weekend of the convention itself. They work longer shifts and have work that is expected of them when the convention is not running, potentially all year. When at the convention, they may be required to work the majority of the time they are at the convention and expected to be on call when not working their shifts. In order to volunteer as staff at BronyCon, you will need to be 18 or older before August 10, 2017 (though some roles or departments may require you're at least 18 at an earlier date).


A Staffer receives a complimentary badge for BronyCon 2017, staff T-shirt, and the option to opt-in to staff housing at a deeply discounted rate for guaranteed space Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights with three other staffers per hotel room. As staff, you will be doing work outside and in the convention. The time commitment is expected to be year-round, and you may be working lengthy shifts during the convention.

Open Positions

Programming Staff Apply for this Role

The programming staff make all the fantastic panels and activities at BronyCon happen. We are looking for customer service oriented people and creative minds for this position. You'll be organizing with panelists and activity hosts before the convention to make sure their events go off without a hitch as well as coming up with some awesome events to plan and implement at BronyCon this year.

Activity Coordinator Apply for this Role

The Activity Coordinators get to help create the activity rooms that everyone enjoys at BronyCon. At the convention these individuals get to plan the fun ahead of time, run the activities in their respective room, and then watch them come to life. We are currently looking for staff for the Miscellaneous Room (Harmony Plaza). Some rooms include more specific responsibilities.

Panel Room Staff Apply for this Role

Panel Room staff will be in charge and run our different panel rooms. They will prepare any A/V needs for panelists and operate the equipment during the panels. They will also make sure the room remains on schedule by controlling attendee flow and generally supervising the room.

Office Staff Apply for this Role

The Office staff are responsible for maintaining the programming schedule at the convention, including the schedule of the Events department. They will work basically as the Events dispatch position.

Logistics Apply for this Role

The on-call moving crew for BronyCon, Logistics members are responsible for the transport of the convention's hardware and gear to and from our offsite storage. Members will be responsible for load-in and load-out, as well as remaining on-call throughout the convention for supply runs as the need arises. If you happened to spend some time as a Gopher in previous years then you probably helped out with this team at some point.

Security Operative Apply for this Role

If you have an interest in giving back to the convention and community, meeting fans and helping people out, Security is looking for you! We are interested in people with good customer service skills to help us ensure everypony feels safe, welcome and has fun at BronyCon. Prior convention or retail experience is a plus, but isn't necessary. Potential candidates are required to undergo a short interview.

Medical Staff Apply for this Role

If you are an emergency medical professional, we want you! Security's medical division provides first-responder care for attendees at BronyCon and keeps everyone happy and healthy. Prior volunteer medical experience is good, as is previous customer service experience, but neither is necessary. Applicants will need to be licensed through August 13, 2017, and are required to interview.

Swag Shop / Finance
Swag Shop Associate Apply for this Role

If you are friendly and have a knack for customer service, volunteering as a Sales Associate at the BronyCon Swag Shop may be right up your alley. The Swag Shop helps finance our convention, and you can help sell the official BronyCon merchandise; it carries a critical role in making it all happen! Applicants should have money handling skills, be reliable, and possess effective communication skills. Prior experience in a sales or retail position is helpful, but not required.

Finance Room Attendant Apply for this Role

If you are good with numbers and have a level head, then the finance room is looking for you! The BronyCon finance staff is responsible for the quick and accurate documentation and safe storage of funds used by BronyCon. The finance team helps other departments by providing them with their starting cash, a place to drop off their earnings, as well as issuing any payments to third parties. All of this helps ensure BronyCon runs smoothly and can keep returning year after year! Applicants should have money handling skills, be reliable, and be able to work well under pressure. Prior experience in accounting or similar positions are helpful, but not required.

Vendor Relations
Vendor Relations Staffer Apply for this Role

Help vendors and artists crush it in the Marketplace! As a Vendor Relations staffer, use your swift customer service and problem solving skills to keep the vendor hall running while being attentive to maintaining our policies. You'll spend your shifts making sure everything is going smoothly, keeping an eye out for trouble, and providing help wherever it's needed. Answer attendee and vendor questions before and during the convention as part of our Info team, work with our vendors and artists as part of the Vendor Hall or Artist Alley teams, or help show off and sell attendees' art work in our Art Show. Come be the heroes our Marketplace needs!

VIP Relations
Autographs Handler Apply for this Role

As a key point of contact between VIPs and the convention, Autographs Handlers will work with our Guests of Honor and their assistants during autographs sessions. The candidate will guide attendees through their transactions with the Guests, enabling lines to move quickly and safely, leaving both the attendees and VIPs happy. This position involves a lot of standing and walking, and requires someone who isn't intimidated by large crowds.

Dispatch Operator Apply for this Role

Dispatch Operators are responsible for the coordination and location tracking of VIP Relations staff, our VIPs, and any related communications over 2-way radios, phones, and electronic messaging during the convention. They form the logistical command/control center and primary point of contact for all VIPR situational information, and bridge VIPR with other BronyCon departments through their respective dispatch operators. Dispatch Operators are clear verbal and written communicators, take good notes that others can interpret, and handle multiple threads of conversation at once.

Drivers Apply for this Role

VIP Relations uses Staff Drivers to bring VIPs to and from the airport, their hotel, and the convention center. Drivers are professional, courteous, and comfortable with driving larger rental vehicles such as SUVs. They work closely with the Dispatch Operators, getting pickup/dropoff requests and updating them with status via radio and push-to-talk phones.

Green Room Apply for this Role

Green Room staff manage and operate our green rooms where VIPs can refuel and relax. They coordinate food, beverage, and other outside services for our Guests of Honor, and act as Handlers while guests are recharging, giving other VIP Relations staff breaks. Green Room staff candidates have interest or experience in hospitality, food service, or customer service.

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